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Whether you have a laundry list of goals and dreams, a targeted question about your financial landscape, working with a Certified Financial Planner® will help you reach your goals.

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You should consider connecting with a Certified Financial Planner® if you:

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Feel confident about your finances.

Imagine if your finances felt organized and you had a step-by-step plan that showed you exactly how you were going to accomplish your goals, and when.

Imagine if you were able to make big financial decisions easily, because you could clearly and immediately see what impact each decision would have on your other goals.

Imagine if you could feel assured that if something ever happened – job loss, health issue – you and your family were well protected.

Imagine if you had one-on-one help to get your plan in motion and your wealth building right away.

You should feel excited about your future, not fearful.

Accomplish your goals, faster.

You probably have a lot of goals:

  • purchasing property
  • your home
  • gaining greater financial security
  • helping your kids through school
  • living a great retirement lifestyle
  • travelling the world

Juggling that many financial goals means that you are probably spreading yourself too thin and missing things. You don’t know what you don’t know, after all.

We can help you discover those missed opportunities, identify gaps, and strategically prioritize to build your wealth much faster.

Make financial decisions that align with your values.

You don’t have to give up something important to you or make big sacrifices in the interest of getting ahead. When we work together, I will lay out all your possible options ‐ the costs, opportunities, and results – so you can make a decision that aligns with what is most important to you.

You need a Certified Financial Planner® who will work to help you make financial decisions that align with your values, not just the numbers.

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Are you ready to build your wealth?

Book a quick call

This is a quick fifteen-minute phone call where we discuss your needs and goals and how we can help you.


During this fifty-minute meeting, we will go through where you are now, where you want to be, identify gaps and opportunities to optimize your wealth, and what your right next steps are.

Build your financial plan

After a series of meetings, you’ll receive your incredibly detailed financial plan that lays out the step-by-step, year-over-year process that will get you to your goals. We can work together to implement it, or you can bring your plan to another professional — it is entirely yours!

If we decide that a comprehensive financial plan is not what you need right now, we can explore other ways to address your most pressing financial goals and questions.

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What is the difference between a Financial Advisor and a Financial Planner?

FSRA differentiates between Financial Planner and Financial Advisor title users by establishing different minimum levels of technical knowledge, professional skills and competencies that would be reasonably expected of each title user.

Financial Planners should have the breadth and depth of knowledge to develop integrated financial plans for clients. These financial plans would include a holistic analysis of a client’s financial circumstances. Financial planners are expected to be proficient in all of the core personal finance areas, which include estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, investment planning and alternatives, finance management, and insurance/risk management.

Financial Advisors should have technical knowledge about at least one common investment product, as well as the necessary expertise and experience to develop suitable financial and investment recommendations for retail clients, based on their specific type of licence or designation.

Why you need a Certified Financial Planner®

In Ontario, up until March of 2022, anyone could call themselves a Financial Planner or Financial Advisor. There were no regulations that require any particular type of education or certification. Thankfully, legislation was passed after about a decade in the making so that the Financial Planner title is now protected.

As of March 2020, unless you have a CFP designation, CLU designation, PFP designation or RRC designation, you can not use the Financial Planner (or anything that sounds close to it!) title. In Canada, only about 20% of advisors hold the gold-standard CFP designation. The designation comes with about 800 hours of course work, a grueling 6-hour exam (that 40% of advisors who attempt the exam fail!), and at least three years of professional client-management experience.

At Pulse Wealth Management, we believe in being the elite minority. That’s why our advisors work under Melany Goodhue, a "Certified Financial Planner®" (CFP).

What else is in it for you?

Achieving your CFP designation demonstrates a clear commitment to excellence. CFPs are also bound by an exceptionally strict duty of loyalty to the client, akin to a fiduciary duty. This means we must put our client’s interests first. Not doing so could result in the loss of our designation. That means that when you work with a CFP, you never have to question what their motivations are.

Curious if your advisor is certified to help you and/or your business with comprehensive financial planning? Check if they hold the CFP designation here: Find a Planner (fpcanada.ca)

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Achieving true financial freedom is possible.

What does financial freedom mean?

  • You aren’t plagued by worries about your future. (Will I have enough to live on in retirement?)
  • You aren’t kept up by anxieties over what-ifs that are beyond your control. (What if I get sick, will my family be okay financially?)
  • You don’t dream regretfully of all the things you’re missing out on. (I wish I could afford to go to Europe for a month.)

Financial freedom doesn’t mean eating caviar on yachts and buying sportscars on a whim.

Financial freedom doesn’t mean eating caviar on yachts and buying sportscars on a whim.

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