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Financial success is all about planning.

After all, as the saying goes, "a goal without a plan is just a wish"!

But there’s more to financial success than that.

Together we will:

  • Get your visions on paper - so we can turn them into realistic, attainable goals
  • Track your budgeting and expenses - to maximize your cash flow
  • Gain a crystal-clear understanding - to help you understand your current financial picture vs. where you want to be
  • Create a step-by-step financial plan - on how to accomplish your goals
  • Implement your financial plan - and keep you accountable

Meanwhile, you need someone you can trust to oversee everything, and make extremely well-informed decisions about your money.

That’s where we come in, as your Certified Financial Planner®.

We use a five-step financial planning process to:
  • Help you truly understand your current financial situation
  • Feel organized where money is concerned
  • Add structure to your finances
  • …and ultimately, ensure no stone is left unturned!

We call it PULSE.

The PULSE wealth management process includes 5 steps

Intake, Goal-Setting + Fact-Finding

In this two-step process:

We start with a quick 10-minute phone call to discuss:

  • A high-level overview of your current situation
  • What your needs and goals are
  • How we help people and what the process looks like
  • Whether it makes sense to book the second part: the 50-minute video consult

Our 50-minute video consult meeting is a great opportunity for us to determine whether we are a good fit and in what capacity it makes sense for us to move forward together - whether that be full planning or in a lighter capacity.

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Budgets, Net Worth Analysis + Projections

At this stage, your job is done and we handle the rest.

Step two is about bringing your greater clarity around your finances.

It involves a very detailed, analytical process including:

  • Cash Flow Analysis - to help you reduce unnecessary expenses and maximize savings towards the things you want to accomplish
  • Net Worth Sheet - we will review all your financial statements so you understand very clearly where you stand today
  • Current Portfolio Analysis - to discuss how you're currently invested and whether any changes need to be made to fit with your current risk tolerance and time horizon
  • Insurance Analysis - to help you understand what you have and why, and identify any gaps that may be present in your family and business protection
  • Retirement Projections - so you can see what you're on track to achieve, and determine whether we need to increase or if we can decrease your current contributions to meet your retirement goal

Using all this information, we can move into Step 3 where we make recommendations on how to accomplish your goals.

Customized Step-by-Step Recommendations

We then create an incredibly detailed, customized financial plan for you that will:

  • Recap your current financial picture
  • Identify where you need/want to be in terms of your goals
  • Give you step-by-step, year-over-year recommendations on how to get there

To ensure your financial plan is truly holistic, we also lean on a team of financial experts

Implement Your Financial Plan

After going through your plan together, it’s time to implement it—and get the ball rolling on attaining your financial goals.

But we don’t just “set it and forget it.” We're going to:

  • Make sure you put your plan into action
  • Hold you accountable to each step
  • Be there for you when you need help

Monitor, Review + Expand Your Plan

Let’s face it: life isn’t stagnant—so your plan shouldn’t be either. You may experience life changes like:

  • Buying or upgrading your home
  • Starting or expanding your family
  • Opening a business
  • Getting into the real estate market

As those things happen, we will be there, guiding you as your financial advisor.

We will meet every year to examine your current situation and make changes to your financial plan as necessary.

Meanwhile, we will also be available via email and phone anytime your situation changes, or if you need extra assistance.

With strategic wealth management you can plan for the future you deserve. Ready to get started?

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