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Now Hiring a Financial Services Assistant

We're looking for someone with fierce organizational skills to become the coordinating force behind everything Pulse Wealth does for its clients. Are you someone who asks, "What's the best way to ensure this gets done?" and "How could we make this even better?"

You might be the perfect person to support our team as we guide our clients and help them build wealth and freedom for the best possible financial future.

Who We Are

At Pulse Wealth, we set ourselves apart from other financial planners by working hard to understand each client's specific needs and unique economic situation. Every solution we provide for our clients is tailored exactly to their needs — no exceptions. We take pride in providing the best possible solutions, and we invite you to become a key component of our success equation.

Role Summary

This role is 35% specialization in administration and caring for and engaging with our clients, 40% facilitating an efficient workflow for our Financial Planners, and 25% continuous development. By freeing our Financial Planners from the burden of paperwork, processing, client coordination, in-depth meeting prep, and some face-to-face client meeting time, you not only help us roll out a smooth financial planning process but make it possible for us to do our best work and grow our company with a unique team approach.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Ensure accurate and efficient documentation for our office. Ensure accuracy in your work and the work we produce as an office with a goal of 100% accuracy for client communication and 90% accuracy for internal-facing documentation. Prepare documents in advance for our team or clients. Provide updates and track the status of document approvals and submissions in our project management system (ClickUp)
  2. Organize our CEO's time and facilitate her best possible productivity. Filter her inbox to reach inbox zero by the end of each day; handle her calendar, manage various office activities, schedule appointments, and reschedule meetings with clients whose paperwork is incomplete; coordinate travel and events as needed.
  3. Be our clients' best contact and advocate. Handle client correspondence and answer client queries within one business day. Use our automation system to trigger the next steps in the prospect-to-client process, and provide excellent client support through your top-tier interpersonal and communication skills to achieve our track record of 95% client retention. Send birthday cards in a monthly batch, Christmas cards once a year, and thank you notes and gift baskets as needed. Organize client appreciate events, marketing giveaways, etc.
  4. Prefill forms and documents to save our clients time with a goal of 100% accuracy by month three. Prefill PDF forms or e-applications for our clients, including new investment or insurance applications, contributions, withdrawals, transfers, beneficiary changes, and address changes, and send in Docusign for clients to sign before submitting them to head office on our clients' behalf. Similarly, prefill template compliance forms for all implemented products and email them to clients as necessary.
  5. Prepare our team for client consultation. Move prospective clients through our prospect-to-client automation system by verifying the documents requested are completed and accurate. Identify missing information and additional questions we may have. Create the draft email to request this information. Ensure the privacy agreement and mutual accountability agreement are signed, the invoice is paid prior to the meeting, and missing things are received, then enter completed information into the financial projection software tool one week prior to the meeting.
  6. Prepare our team for our Pulse Process analysis & recommendations meetings. Gather, understand and interpret financial documents (investment statements, insurance policies, mortgage statements, loan statements, NOAs, pension projections), enter data into excel Net Worth sheet, identify missing things and follow up questions, prepare investment reports with analysis tool, prepare insurance needs analysis & quotes - with 100% accuracy and with a clarity brief rating of 1/10.
  7. Prepare our team for our Pulse Process implementation meetings. Meet on video or face to face with clients to complete insurance applications and prefill, send, receive and submit compliance letters for all products provided. Enter data from budget, networth, file notes, quotes and investment proposal to complete a financial plan draft - with 100% client satisfaction feedback.
  8. Build good working relationships with our other team members. We believe good treatment benefits from a solid foundation of teamwork. Consult with our team of financial planners to work through problems, offer insight, and work collaboratively on client cases.
  9. Commit to continuous learning and development. Commit to continuous learning and development. Read daily about noteworthy updates in our industry that may impact clients' financial plans and share concise summaries of relevant information with our planners to keep them informed. Commit to obtaining education credits to maintain the LLQP license. Always have a keen eye for ways we might innovate or improve our systems and processes. Use your expertise and on-the-ground experience to identify one revenue growth or expense decrease opportunity per quarter.

Compensation and Perks

What can you expect in addition to a competitive salary? Here are a few things you'll love about working with us:

Who We Need Right Now

Most of all, we're looking for someone who is LLQP certified or willing to gain this accreditation within their first six weeks with our support. You should already be familiar with and comfortable working with numbers, financial statements and software, interacting directly with clients via email, phone and in-person, improving and innovating processes, and wrangling spreadsheets. We see each client case as an intriguing puzzle and feel driven to find the best possible solution, and hope you do, too.

We value your can-do attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to get a job done, and we're looking for someone who's always excited to take on new projects or pitch in when others need a boost. We're looking for someone who can take constructive feedback with positivity and who isn't afraid to share their thoughts about how we can do better, too. Your ability to think outside the box will help us come up with new ways to set ourselves apart from the competition and ensure we're providing the best possible service to our clients.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Completion of a Pre-Interview Questionnaire. Yes, we have a few questions for you to start things off. This helps us (and you!) figure out early on if this could be a great match.
  2. Based on the details provided, candidates are scheduled for a brief video Meet and Greet. We'll discuss the work environment, answer your questions, and outline a follow-up task for you.
  3. A final interview with our CEO where we explore your skill and experience, evaluate cultural alignment, and address any lingering questions or concerns.

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